Yoga For New Beginnings: Staying Grounded While Going Through a Transition

Have you recently experienced something life-changing? Went through an event that altered everything? Maybe you went through a breakup, moved to a different city, lost a job, or found a new one. Every large change, regardless of whether you see it as positive or negative, opens space for a new beginning.

Transition is a normal part of our lives, and it is what often brings the most growth.

Still, changes can make us feel disturbed and overwhelmed, and lead to a sense of instability and insecurity. During these periods, it is normal to get lost in our thoughts and lose touch with Mother Earth.

One of the best ways to stay grounded at all times is to maintain a routine.

Even when everything around you is changing, you can still stay stable and feel secure by having one thing every day that remains unchanged. A disciplined yoga or meditation practice is a wonderful choice for your daily routine—even if you can dedicate only 10 minutes per day.

The practice of yoga doesn’t only help by providing us with something consistent every day. The poses also physically stimulate the root chakra, which will result in a greater sense of security and stability.

During this time of transition, let the intention of your practice be precisely that – grounding through the first chakra.

Doing so will get you back to the present moment, and will lead to a sense of ease and harmony within the mind and the body. It will help protect you from negative emotions and guide you towards the still part of you – the True Self, which is always present, safe, and unshaken by the chaos of everyday life.

Here are some types of poses that may help you build a strong foundation, ground your body and cultivate presence and calmness in your mind:

  • Standing Poses: A part of grounding is feeling stable, strong, and rooted in the earth. Standing poses, such as Mountain Pose, Chair Pose, Goddess Pose, and the Warrior Series, help us cultivate those feelings. Through them, we build a strong foundation, which makes us feel steady, confident, and powerful. When practicing, have an intention of grounding through the feet. Spread your toes wide and try imagining roots extending from your feet and connecting to the earth below.
  • Seated poses: Seated poses stimulate your Root Chakra by connecting your base with the ground below you. To increase the grounding sensation, close your eyes, and focus on the area where your sit bones connect to the earth. Also, use this moment to get back to the present in meditation or perform breathing exercises to focus the mind.
  • Corpse pose: Whether done alone or after a yoga session, Corpse Pose always gives us a moment to release the stress and confusion of our lives, and to fully surrender to the earth. Use this moment to simply be. Become aware of your body and your breath. If any thoughts come – just accept them with no judgment. This moment of rest and recovery will help you reach a calmer state of mind. With your mind at ease, you will better navigate your transition, and remain calm when coping with the challenge of change.