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Our aim is simple. We want to spread the benefits of yoga. Because those who stick with regular yoga practice report themselves to be happier and healthier in life!

The Zencore Yoga ambassador program plays a crucial role in this. It is designed to build, support and grow a global yoga community of inspirational and everyday yogis who use their passion for yoga to elevate and inspire their own communities. The greater the reach, the more we can increase the awareness and benefits of yoga around the world, which is why we would like to hear from any yogi, regardless of location or skill level. 

As a Zencore Yoga ambassador, you are an essential part of the mission to spread the benefits of yoga, enjoy perks, and will share your involvement with your yoga community on social media and in everyday life.

Please send an email to with subject line "Ambassador Application" and include:

- Brief story about yourself and your yoga / pilates journey

- Where you are from

- Instagram and/or TikTok name

Once your application is received, we will be in touch within 1-2* business days.